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TOKOKOTO 〘Hypo-allergenic〙

"Accessories that are gentle on skin and people" - Fumi Imamura 

Fumi wants to make accessories that are gentle to the skin and to people. She uses skin-friendly materials such as silk, pure titanium, surgical stainless steel, and silicon. All her products are very lightweight.

How did she start making accessories using silk thread?

While she was studying at a jewelry making school, she thought a lot about what she liked and what was important to her.

"I came to the conclusion that it was thread. My mother was a crafty person, and she often made my clothes so we had a lot of yarn and cloth at home that I loved to look at and touch.

I also like metal and often wear it, but I thought thread would be better for me to touch as a material every day."

For these reasons, Fumi made a crown using silk thread for her graduation project, and it became the basis of her subsequent creative activities. Silk yarn has less fluff and more luster. And when the thread is wound tightly and uniformly, it also creates a hard impression. Her daily goal is to create something that does not look inferior when placed next to expensive jewelry made of metal.

The concept of the brand, "skin and people friendly accessories" is something that she was prepared for when she launched the brand. Initially, she decided to make her products "metal allergy friendly" in order to differentiate herself from other brands and to emphasize the significance and strength of using silk thread as the main material.

But now, she feels that it is like a tie that she has placed on herself in order for her customers to wear her products on a daily basis, and because of this, she believes she is able to maintain the TOKOKOTO style.

Fumi Imamura is from Mie prefecture in Japan.

We are so excited to showcase her beautiful silk accessories in our store!